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Vitamin C & Rose Hips

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Worry about catching a Viral-related Cold / Flu, Cough or Fever? 

Fear not! Let’s win the battle with Vitamin C + Bioflavanoids

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Keen to Boost your body's immune system, but not a big fan of the conventional Vitamin C? Have you heard of Rose Hips

Sinus problem? Tend to fall sick on a monthly basis? Many consider rose hips as the “fruit” of the rose bush. 
But do you know that rose hips is not only rich in Vitamin C, but also a good source of fibre, calcium, magnesium, essential fats?
Not only that, rose hips is also a good source of flavonoids. When consumed together with Vitamin C, flavonoids does enhance the Vitamin C absorption in our body!
Rose hips is proven to be a good antioxidant, & can help diarrhoea-, blood sugar- & even fats- control! 
Recharge your immune system now with Rose Hips >> HERE !!
The above information is provided for education purposes only.
Vitamin C
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Rose Hips
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Posted On: 13/07/2020

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