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Customer Testimonials

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- Asmawaty N Sofian -

“I am a person who goes to bed late. Because of stay up late & no getting enough sleep, I found myself very tired during daytime, my skin are dry and dull. I also found myself having bad breath. I get to know Soaray Siliverin from a pharmacist which can help for my problems.

I have been consuming Solaray Siliverin for few months. I found that my dry skin & bad breath are improving and I felt I am much energetic even though sleep late”.

- Yee Swee Ying -

Solaray Products (Supa Bio-C, GinkAlert, Uva Ursi, Supa PurEPA, Saw palmetto, Zinc, Provide)

“I am a regular customer for Solaray products; I have taking more than 5 products from Solaray Brands. I found that products from Solaray are beneficial and worth the value.  After I took Solaray Products, I can fell the different. Eg: I take Solaray GinkAlert for my blood circulation and energy, after taking the product, I found myself are not getting tired easily”.

- Hoe Chee Min -

 “I was recommended to take Solaray Pau D’ Arco by product advisor for my problem. After I took this product for 1 month plus, I feel more energized with this product”.

- Tan Siew Mei -

“My knew make noise when I walked last time and it feels stiff and pain. Solaray Devil’s Claw has helped me to relieve the symptoms in a month time. Many of my friends gave positive feedback after they tried”.

- Low Lean Hooi -

"I have been taking Solaray Supa Bio-C for my sinus problem. After I took this product for few months, I found my sinus problem has reduced. Besides that, I find my skin complexion improving as well, my skin is fairer and whiter".    

- Siti Sarah Yau Bt Abdullah -
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