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Immunity Powerhouse (Vitamin C, D & Zinc)

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The Powerhouse of Immunity  (Vitamin C + Vitamin D + Zinc) 

Recovering very slowly from your bad cough &/or low grade fever for days?

We all know that stress, anxiety, poor nutrition and sleep can depress our immune system, which makes it easier to catch infection.

Keeping your immune system firing and increasing your intake of Vitamin C + Vitamin D + Zinc is the best way to combat a variety of illness.

An essential vitamin that humans don’t produce naturally.
Found mainly in the foods we eat, Vitamin C is available in many fruits and vegetables.
To help regulate our body’s Vitamin C level, many also resort to Vitamin C supplements. 
Vitamin D
Vitamin D, often referred to sunshine in a bottle, Vitamin D is what humans produce naturally when exposed to when exposed to sun’s rays.
Since extended sun exposure could be harmful, many get their Vitamin D dose from dietary sources, or just by adding a Vitamin D supplement. 
An essential mineral, that cannot be produced in our human body & must be obtained from dietary sources and/or dietary health supplements.
Zinc is proven to crucial in prevent out-of-control inflammation (which often damages our body system).
According to the survey by World Health Organisation (WHO), Zinc deficiency affects one-third of the world’s population. If you are zinc-deficient, you are at greater risk of infectious diseases, including skin infections and respiratory infections. 
The above information is provided for education purposes only. 
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Posted On: 27/07/2020

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