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Are you low in Vitamin D?

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Are you getting enough Vitamin D? 

• 79% of Malaysian aged 13 yrs are deficient in Vitamin D3, with Malay ladies at higher risk.
• 49% of Malaysian post-menopausal women are deficient in Vitamin D3.

Who are at high risk of Vitamin D deficiency?
- Darker skin
- Overweight or obese
- Elderly
- Stay Indoors
- Always apply sunscreen

Research shows inadequate Vitamin D has been linked with:
- Increased risk of fractures in older adults
- Age-related high blood pressure
- Age-related macular (eye) degeneration
- Twice the risk of having heart attack
- Poor diabetes control
- Cognitive decline
- Obesity
- Depression

According to the Malaysia Recommended Nutrient Intake, one should have at least 15μg (600IU) Vitamin D daily. The best way to know if you are getting enough is to do a blood test.

As Vitamin D is available from your diet and direct sunlight, how do you know if you need supplementation?
- If the blood test shows that you are Vitamin D deficient.
- If you aren't able to be outdoors between 11am and 3pm.
- If you regularly have digestive issues that may affect effective Vitamin D absorption from your diet.

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This information is provided for education purposes only. It should not be used to substitute medical diagnosis.


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Posted On: 13/09/2019

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