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[Mix & Match] DERMAREEN ASTATHIONE PLUS ALA CAPSULES 30'c (MAL15125005N) (Exp: 6th Jan 2023)
Dermareen AstaThione is a 3-in-1 formula combines 3 antioxidants to defend and protect your cells an..
NP: RM128.00
Member Price: RM51.20 (-60%)
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[Mix & Match] SOLARAY CALCIUM CITRATE PLUS 30 CAPS [Exp: Jan 2023]
Formulated for High Calcium Absorption. Calcium citrate is one of the best absorbed supplemental ..
NP: RM34.00
Member Price: RM16.00 (-53%)
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[Mix & Match] SOLARAY SLIPPERY ELM BARK- H (Expiry Date: 31st Jan 2023)
Natural tree-bark extract used traditionally for soothing stomach discomfort. Struggling with gas..
NP: RM92.50
Member Price: RM35.00 (-62%)
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High potency omega-3 fish oil: EPA and DHA. Though omega-3 fatty acids are important components o..
NP: RM78.90
Member Price: RM39.50 (-50%)
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[Mix & Match] SOLARAY LECITHIN- H (OIL FREE) 30 CAPS (Exp: March 2023)
95% Phospholipids. Besides supplements, Soy lecithin is commonly added to most packaged foods. Bu..
NP: RM27.70
Member Price: RM15.00 (-46%)
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[Mix & Match] SOLARAY PAU D' ARCO (Expiry Date: 30th Apr 2023)
Traditional botanical ingredients of the rainforest.   FEATURES Pau D'arco is a tre..
NP: RM74.00
Member Price: RM30.00 (-59%)
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[Mix & Match] SOLARAY ROSE HIPS (Expiry Date: 31st Dec 2022)
Natural plant source of vitamin C.   FEATURES Rosehips have been used for centuries..
NP: RM77.30
Member Price: RM32.00 (-59%)
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