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[Clearance] SOLARAY SLIPPERY ELM BARK- H (Expiry Date: 31/3/2023)
✅ Natural tree-bark extract used traditionally for soothing stomach discomfort. ✅ Fully Important..
NP: RM92.50
Member Price: RM10.00 (-89%)
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[Clearance] GREENLIFE ALOE-GREENS 5'S (Expiry Date: 23/10/2023)
When the body is acidic, it creates an unwanted environment where illness, bacteria, and yeast thriv..
NP: RM26.30
Member Price: RM15.00 (-43%)
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[Clearance] TRINLEY BOSWELLIA BROMELAIN - 30 VEGECAP (Expiry: 6/4/2023)
Synergistic combination of natural ingredients for healthier body. Boswellia Serrata and Bromelain h..
NP: RM75.00
Member Price: RM22.00 (-71%)
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[Clearance] GREENLIFE IMMUNOGO 15'S (NEW VANILLA FLAVOUR) (Exp Date: 22/11/23)
Out Of Stock
Greenlife® ImmunoGo, your daily source of immunity booster and Hi-Calcium. Greenlife® ImmunoGo is an..
NP: RM74.50
Member Price: RM22.35 (-70%)
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[Clearance] TRINLEY VITAMIN D3 1000 IU 60 SOFTGEL- (Expiry Date: 26/8/2023)
Out Of Stock
A once-a-day dose of Vitamin D3 that cheers you up & have a vibrant life. Sunshine make me ..
NP: RM50.00
Member Price: RM23.00 (-54%)
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[Clearance] GREENLIFE JUNIOR PRE & PROBIOTICS POWDER - 3g x 30s (Exp Date: 21/12/23)
Out Of Stock
Good nutrition is the key to a child’s happiness. Safeguard your child’s happiness today by boosting..
NP: RM82.00
Member Price: RM24.60 (-70%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY CHROMIACIN (NO FLUSH) (Exp Date:30/4/23)
Chromium and Niacin for a synergistic benefit.   FEATURES Chromiacin™ formula is a ..
NP: RM158.50
Member Price: RM25.00 (-84%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY PAU D' ARCO (Expiry Date: 31/7/23)
Traditional botanical ingredients of the rainforest.   FEATURES Pau D'arco is a tre..
NP: RM74.00
Member Price: RM28.00 (-62%)
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 [Clearance] TRINLEY OMEGA-3 FISH OIL 60'c (Exp Date: 22/7/23)
Out Of Stock
High potency omega-3 fish oil: EPA and DHA. Though omega-3 fatty acids are important components o..
NP: RM78.90
Member Price: RM31.56 (-60%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY ROSE HIPS (Expiry Date: 31/11/2023)
Natural plant source of vitamin C.   FEATURES Rosehips have been used for centuries..
NP: RM77.30
Member Price: RM32.00 (-59%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY DEVIL'S CLAW - 100c (Expiry Date: 31/10/2023)
An African herb that derives its name from its large claw-like hooks. Joint pain or inflammation?..
NP: RM111.50
Member Price: RM35.00 (-69%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY SPIRULINA (Expiry Date: 31/11/2023)
~ Nutrient Rich Superfood to Supports total health for longevity. Keen to get rid of the unhealth..
NP: RM95.80
Member Price: RM35.00 (-63%)
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[Clearance] SOLARAY SUPA BIO-C 100S EXTRA 20% (Expiry Date: 31/10/2023)
Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, it is very delicate as it is water soluble and sensitive to h..
NP: RM114.50
Member Price: RM40.00 (-65%)
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 [Clearance] SOLARAY CALCIUM CITRATE PLUS 90S (Exp Date: 31/3/2024)
Formulated for High Calcium Absorption. Calcium citrate is one of the best absorbed supplemental ..
NP: RM121.80
Member Price: RM60.00 (-51%)
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