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Is your immune system strong enough to protect you this virus season?

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Is your immune system strong enough to protect you this virus season?
Covid-19 has definitely changed the way how we work and live – we will spend more time worrying about our health even with all the SOPs, masks and sanitisers. 
Even though we may be healthy, there is no knowing that whoever we pass by in our daily routine may have Covid or not despite our best efforts.
Are you keeping your immune system strong? 
Our body’s immune system is crucial, yet easily taken for granted. Think of our immune system like a big “protective shield” that can protect you from heavy hammer blows; if your “shield” gets dented too much, you will fall sick easily. 
Many of us are exposed to viruses on a daily basis, be it in our work environment or home. Your diet and natural aging process also does affect your body’s immune system. 
And while your immune system “does all the hard work” to protect you, are you doing the necessary to ‘nourish’ it well?
How to tell if your immune system is not in good shape?
Do you suffer from the following more frequently?
- catching colds or coughs
- feeling stressed
- having fatigue all the time
- wounds taking a longer healing time
- experiencing stomach problems
If you have a lot of “YES” to the above questions, your immune system may be compromised.
When you keep experiencing illnesses or take a longer time to recuperate, your immune system is probably telling you it is struggling to work well. You will find that you are less productive at office or home; you won’t be able to enjoy life well; and your family will worry for you more. So it is time to think for your health especially your immune system.
How to strengthen your immune system naturally?
There are several ways to boost your immune system. Besides getting enough quality sleep, good digestion, regular exercise & keeping stress levels low, having a balanced diet with excellent nutritional supplements may be the best way to go.
Let’s have a look at some immune-boosting nutrients:
- Colostrum is rich in Immunoglobulin antibodies that can enhance your immune system power.
- Digestive enzymes and probiotics (good bacteria) will boost up our digestive system, which constitutes 70-80% of our immune system.
- Calcium helps your body absorb other vitamins like Vitamins C and D, and trains your immune system to fight off viral attacks.
- Vitamin D may improve your immune response against infections and lower your risk of getting respiratory tract infections.
Good immunity starts with ImmunoGo
These abovementioned supplements sound all good but how can I have one all-in supplement when each of them has its own specific role?
GreenLife ImmunoGo 
GreenLife may just have the perfect solution for you. 
A delicious vanilla-flavoured milk beverage, Greenlife ImmunoGo contains the above supplements and can be enjoyed best cold by both young and old on its own or blended with fruits and vegetables. ImmunoGo has 630 mg of calcium in just one sachet – even higher than a glass of normal milk that has only 200mg calcium.
What is more, ImmunoGo also includes 10 digestive enzymes and 2 Billion CFU probiotics to help you have a healthier gut, and eventually a better overall immune system!
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Posted On: 18/06/2021

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