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10 foods for Healthy Lungs

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Our lungs play a vital role in helping our body function well. However, consequently our lungs have to suck in not just air but some harmful elements like air pollutants and smoking along with it. These pollutants happen to increase the risk of respiratory health problems like asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and pneumonia among others. A good way to keep your lungs healthy is by engaging in regular exercises and eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet helps you go a long way and keeps you off any ailment.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 235 million people suffer from asthma, which is an under-diagnosed and under-treated condition.

So, if you wish to improve your lung health, make sure you are adding these foods to your diet every day to ensure healthy and happy lungs!


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Posted On: 07/04/2020

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