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Suffering joint pains from osteoarthritis?

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Have you ever experience.....

- Sudden, throbbing pain in your joints when going up the stairs? 
- Joints crack & pop easily?

Our joints take a lot of abuse over the years.
That’s one reason up that many elderly have osteoarthritis, when the protective cartilage on the ends of bones wears down.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive joint disease due to failure in repair of joint damage. 
This causes pain and stiffness in areas such as the knees, hips and hands, which can make walking,climbing stairs, brushing your teeth and even grasping a doorknob or pen challenging.
Due to pain and swelling, the mobility of joints is restricted. 
With ongoing movement, comes excruciating pain, which becomes unbearable even on mild touch in the form of tenderness.  
This disease may involve 1 or multiple joints.

A Singaporean healthy survey shows individuals as young as 18 years has long-term joint problem.
10% - 20% of Malaysian elderly are affected by knee Osteoarthritis.
In Southeast Asia, 29.5% of those aged 25 yrs & older have hand Osteoarthritis.
Asian women have higher Osteoarthritis risk than men.

Because osteoarthritis has no cure, easing pain is key. 
But many older adults have difficulty tolerating pain relievers long-term. 
And potentially addictive drugs such as opioids are sometimes used. 
Fortunately, nondrug treatments work well for many people, with virtually no side effects.


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This information is provided for education purposes only. It should not be used to substitute medical diagnosis.


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Posted On: 27/08/2019

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