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Exclusive Health Pack

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Bone Care Pack: Solaray Calcium Citrate (3 x 117'C)(MAL19984099X) + Greenlife Essential Pre & Probiotics (6 x 30'C)(MAL15025022NC)
This bundle consists of: 3 bottles of Solaray Calcium Citrate – 15 sachets 6 bottles of Gree..
NP: RM832.70
Member Price: RM541.30 (-35%)
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Junior Pack (Enhanced): Greenlife ImmunoGo (2 x 15’S) + Junior Pre&Pro ( 1 x 30'C)(MAL16015005NC)
This bundle consists of: 2 boxes of Greenlife ImmunoGo – 15 sachets 1 box of Greenlife Junio..
NP: RM231.00
Member Price: RM172.25 (-25%)
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Blood Sugar Care pack (in box):  Chromiacin (2 x 100’C)(MAL20013843X) + Bilberry (3 x 75’C)(MAL19984150T)
This bundle consists of: 2 bottles of Solaray Chromiacin – 100 capsules 3 bottles of Solaray..
NP: RM624.00
Member Price: RM405.60 (-35%)
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